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BaSys Inc.

Technical Realization of your Business Vision

Custom Software Development

For nearly 20 years we have successfully delivered solutions to Barnes & Noble, Deloitte, Comverse Technology, and EmpireCLS. The software that we develop is always done at a fixed-price and is 100% guaranteed.

Other Services

Systems and application architecture, SDLC process management and training, team management implementation and training (offshore, on premises, and augmentation), cloud strategies (public and private), software asset management implementation and training

Tools of the Trade

Visual Studio, Xamarin, IIS, Azure, SQL Server, mongodb, c#, SQL, c++, c, typescript, javascript, html, css, bootstrap, html, css, jquery, angular, (MVC and API), WCF

Projects Abound

Since we’ve been in business for nearly 20 years we’ve been able to complete and deliver a larger number of projects.